Download Latest Version of 2go for Android, Blackberry & Iphone –

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Download Latest Version of 2go for Android, Blackberry & Iphone – | Download 2go

It is no longer news that latest version of 2go, version 7.0 has been released by 2go. This latest 2go version 7.0 is for Java OS. The good news about this latest 2go version is that it works for some selected devices which include Android OS, Nokia C3, Iphone and others.

This article is targeted at teaching you how to download latest version of 2go for different phone devices which range from Windows phone, 2go for Android, 2go for Blackberry and 2go for Iphone.

Like we all know, 2go messenger is one messenger everyone loves to use. This includes the features of chat room settings, chat settings and lots more.

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Before we continue, I need to answer some questions which I believe might be running through the mind of some people.

What is 2go

alt="download latest version of 2go"

2go is a social media network where people get to connect, chat and share with many other people which may include friends, loved ones, relatives etc. The good thing about 2go is the free nature of the social network. As a 2go user, there are many benefits you have to enjoy.

A Brief History About 2go

Before now 2go has been one of the fastest and most popular social network for connecting people around the world. 2go is an instant messaging and chat app that connects the world together in few seconds. 2go has a lot of benefits it present to all users around the globe.

Before we continue, let us look at some of the benefits and features 2go offers its users.

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Benefit of Installing 2go Messenger

There are so may benefits of downloading 2go app and also having the 2go messenger on your phone. Lets see some of the benefits below;

  1. opportunity to connect and meet different people around the world
  2. Opportunity to connect with people in chat rooms
  3. Opportunity to share with files with friends
  4. Opportunity to download and save files shared by friends and loved ones.
  5. Opportunity to download latest versions of the app.
  6. Opportunity to choose a display name
  7. Opportunity to select and change display picture (DP)

I know so many people are already asking of the official website to register and download 2go for Android. In case you want to download register and also download 2go, you can visit Follow this link to download the latest version of 2go for Android, Iphone, Windows and Blackberry.

Do you have a Java phone or any internet connected phone? Congratulations because you can actually download 2go. This is because 2go has made it very simple for any internet enabled phone to download the 2go app. Do not forget there is also 2go PC version. This is a type of 2go you can actually use on Personal Computer (PC).

Procedures to Download 2go on Your Mobile Phone

Follow the steps below to download the latest version of 2go for Android, 2go for Blackberry, 2go for Windows phone and 2go for Iphone.

To download 2go for Android, you can simply go to Google play store and download the 2go messenger for your Android device.

Follow the steps below to download 2go for Android;

  1. Visit 2go web page or type on your mobile browser and click the Google Play Store Icon – Better still, click here from your smartphone to automatically take you to the 2go App on Play Store
  2. Click on INSTALL and allow the app to fully install. Once installed, allow to create the shortcut on your desktop.
  3. Locate the downloaded 2go shortcut on your smartphone and open.
  4. Fill in your NAME>GENDER>COUNTRY>PHONE NUMBER> and follow every other instruction that follows.

Follow the steps below to download 2go on Blackberry

  1. Visit your Blackberry App World on your device and search for 2go or click here using your native blackberry browser.
  2. Click on DOWNLOAD and allow to fully downloaded, Allow the app to install.
  3. After installation, open the APP and type in your COUNTRY>PHONE NO>DESIRED USERNAME>DESIRED PASSWORD>GENDER>DATE OF BIRTH> and any other information that might be required.


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